Mushrooms: Boletus pachypus

Mushrooms: Boletus pachypus

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Class: Basidiomycetes
Scientific name: Boletus pachypus Fr.
Synonyms: Boletus calopus - Boletus olivaceus

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 8-18 cm, first hemispherical then convex, dry, chamois color, with initially involute margin.
tubules: long, yellow-citrine.
Pori: rounded and fine, first yellow then greenish, turning to the touch.
Stem: 7-14 x 4-5 cm, thick, firm, bulbous, reticulated, red, yellow at the top.
Meat: compact, greyish-yellow, veering in the air; acid smell, taste first sweetish then bitter.
spore: yellowish-olive.

Boletus pachypus

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
It is found in coniferous woods, in summer-autumn.
Inedible for bitter and indigestible meat. It is distinguished from Boletus satanas for the bitter taste of the meat and the greenish-yellow color of the pores.

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