Mushrooms: Lactarius deliciosus

Mushrooms: Lactarius deliciosus

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Class: Basidiomycetes
Scientific name: Lactarius deliciosus Fr.
Common names: Pin Fong - Blood mushroom - Pennenciola - Sanguinol

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 4–12 cm in diameter, more or less fleshy, convex, often depressed in the center; red-orange color, often spotted with green; moist rather than viscose surface which sometimes has concentric circles; involute margin which can then stretch.
Gills: thick, thin, unequal, narrow, decurrent; a nice orange color with red reflections, which can turn slightly green when broken.
Stem: 3.5-7 x 1-2 cm, cylindrical, early hollow; light orange, salmon, often with some spots, finely pruinose, with some more colored dimples.
Meat: pale inside but colored red-carrot below the surface which becomes very greenish in the air; more or less thick, firm, fruit odor, acid and acrid taste.
Latex: carrot color that turns green in the air.
spore: cream in bulk.

Lactarius deliciosus(photo Marco Floriani

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
It is found in pine forests especially near juniper bushes. Late summer-autumn.
Good edibility. The group of Lattari with carrot-colored latex includes other well-differentiated species, all edible and highly sought after, such as the Lactarius sanguifluus, semisanguifluus and salmonicolor.

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