Mushrooms: Sarcosphaera crassa (Santi) Pouzar

Mushrooms: Sarcosphaera crassa (Santi) Pouzar

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Class: Ascomycetes
Scientific name: Sarcosphaera crassa (Saints) Pouzar
Synonyms: Sarcosphaera coronaria (Jacquin ex Cooke) Boud., Sarcosphaera eximia (Durieu Lév.) Maire, Peziza coronaria Jacq., Misc. Austriaca Bot.

Morphological characteristics

Fruiting body: medium-large dimensions (up to 10-15 cm), at the beginning, when it is totally immersed in the ground, it is globular, then it tears off at the top leaving the ground, assuming a cup shape, with an irregularly broken edge in triangular edges; external surface of off-white color with a yellowish touch, internal surface of lilac to whitish color.
Meat:thin, waxy, whitish, with spermatic odor and insignificant taste.
spore:ellipsoidal, white in mass.

Sarcosphaera crassa (Saints) Pouzar (photo Simonetta Peruzzi)

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: saprophytic mushroom.
It is found in the spring in deciduous or coniferous woods (pine forests).
Edibility: POISONOUS. In the past it was considered a good edible, provided it was eaten well cooked.

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