Mushrooms: Tuber borchii Vittadini - Bianchetto Truffle Marzuolo Marzaiuolo

Mushrooms: Tuber borchii Vittadini - Bianchetto Truffle Marzuolo Marzaiuolo

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Class: Ascomycetes
Synonymous: Tuber albidum Pico
Vulgar name: Bianchetto - Marzuolo - Marzaiuolo

Morphological characteristics

Carpoforo: small and medium size, usually roundish; with more or less whitish peridium. It can be confused with Tuber magnatum, because originally it has the same characteristics, irregular, smooth and dirty white in color but when it reaches maturity it becomes darker.
Gleba: first clear then becomes dark. Lodore is the characteristic that distinguishes it from the white truffle, because if at the beginning it is soft and pleasant in a second time it becomes cheerful and nauseating.
spore:the globose axes contain from one to three brown-ocher spores with alveolar reticule with regular and minute meshes.

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
Edible, it is quite common to find it wherever the White Truffle grows. Widespread under the maritime pine forests. It is harvested from February to March but it is not uncommon to meet it in April.
See Truffle Harvesting Regulations

Tuber borchii Vittad. (photo by Gabriella Di Massimo)

Spores of Tuber borchii Vittad. (photo by Gabriella Di Massimo)

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