Cat breeds: Selkirk Rex Shorthair

Cat breeds: Selkirk Rex Shorthair

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FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: United States.
FIFe classification: /

In 1987 Peggy Voorhees noticed a stray cat at the Bozema Humane Society, an animal protection company in the US state of Wyoming, and offered it for adoption to Jeri Newman, a Persian breeder from Livingston, Montana. Miss de Pesto, as the kitten was called, possessed a particular charm deriving from her original coat, swollen, wavy, half-long and rather rough to the touch. Miss de Pesto was mated with a large Persian cat champion. From this mating on July 4th 1988 six puppies are born, three of which reproduce the same coat of the mother. Oscar Kowalski, one of the three kittens, which is still considered one of the best specimens of the breed, was later mated with his mother, thus originating the first entirely Rex litter. The gene responsible for the curly coat is dominant, therefore only one of the parents needs it because about half of the kittens have this characteristic. Instead the Devon or Cornish Rex gene is recessive, both parents must have it to pass it on to their children. The selection of the Selkirk Rex continued with British, American Shorthair, Exotic and Persian blood inlets, all breeds that made the Selkirk acquire a much more massive structure than the other breeds of the Rex group. In August 1990 the breed was registered with the A.C.F.A. and to T.I.C.A., who enrolled her in the experimental class, allowing her to participate in exhibitions in the new breeds and colors category. Even today its diffusion is scarce, the survival of the rare Selkirk Rex is guaranteed only by a few and fierce enthusiasts.

General aspect

The Selkirk Rex is a cat characterized by a muscular and square body. In the best specimens, the curl is stronger on the hips and around the neck. The back is less rich in curls.
It can occur in two hair lengths: long and short.
Rarely a specimen of Selkirk Rex comes to win a beauty contest, but a title has been arranged for him, that of Miss Congeniality.


They are incredibly patient and tolerant, never aggressive and willingly play. They are perfect apartment cats and suitable for family life. Not very vocal, it is the ideal companion for those looking for a little lively but at the same time docile and sociable cat. It does not require much attention, but not for this little affectionate. He can be reserved with strangers and walk away without reacting with impatience when he is abruptly manipulated by children or guests. He is happy to accept cohabitation with other animals, while preferring low-noise and intrusive companies.

Selkirk Rex Shorthair (photo


Using a soft brush it would normally be necessary to brush it at least 3-4 times a week; during the moulting period it is recommended to brush it every day. For the health of the cat it must be protected from temperature changes or extreme temperatures (either too hot or too cold).

Male Selkirk Rex Shorthair red (photo Jengari Cats)

Variety of color

All colors are recognized. The color of the eyes is in harmony with the coat.


Category: Short hair.
Build: cobby type.
Body: massive, strong and muscular. The shoulders and lanca should look the same width.
Coat: it is soft and luxurious, full and very curly. Curls are more abundant on the part of the neck, tail and belly. In shorthairs the hair on the tail is as long as the hair on the body.
Head: round-shaped skull with full cheeks; the muzzle is short with evident stop.
Eyes: large and round, color in accordance with the shade of the coat.
Nose: has a downward inclination making a convex curve, it is placed below the eye line.
Ears: medium in size, pointed and distant from each other.
Limbs: long, with powerful bone structure.
Feet: large and round.
Tail: medium length, thick at the base and sharp towards the tip
Penalty: almond or oval eyes; oriental type head; stop too marked; strabismus; no evidence of curl.

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