Agricultural machinery: rotary harrow

Agricultural machinery: rotary harrow

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Classification - Operation carried out

Tools applied to the power take-off

The rotary lerpice, also called rototerra is a tool brought by the tractor, widely used in extensive agriculture, that is, the cultivation method practiced on large spaces but also in orchards or vineyards to control weeds.
Even if it bears the name "harrow", the rotating harrow has nothing to do with the classic harrow (such as the clod breaker or the stalk grinder) as the work done is not given by dragging it on the ground but by a mechanical movement imparted by the grip of power of the tractor. The work it does is to refine the soil before sowing a herbaceous crop or to control weeds in orchards, these characteristics make it completely similar to the tiller or hoe with one substantial difference, the tiller has a horizontal tree on which the hoes that make a circulatory movement forward are placed while the harrow has rotors on which teeth called knives are placed, these knives make a circulatory movement on themselves horizontally, that is, it does not create the famous working sole that instead creates the cutter for its vertical feed.


In an increasingly specialized agriculture, market needs lead to having various types of rotary harrows on the square, we can find them from less than 2 meters, for small refinement works on modest plots to be applied to tractors under 60-80 horses , we can also find them from 6 meters (hydraulically foldable for road transport) for large extensions which however require high powers above 200 horses but we can also find harrows of a few tens of centimeters, mounted on feeler devices to be used in the vineyards and in orchards for weed control. Usually a roller is applied behind the rototerra to facilitate the leveling of the refined soil. However we want to find them we will be sure to have a tool that has partially revolutionized agriculture in the last 20 years.

Rotary harrow for the inter-row of the orchard or vineyard

Detail of the drums with their knives - Rototerra at work
(note the difference before and after processing)

6 m folding rotary harrow

Video: BCS tractor and Power Harrow (July 2022).


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