Metato course: Dormouse Glis glis

Metato course: Dormouse Glis glis

CLASS: Mammals
ORDER: Rodents
FAMILY: Gliridi

The dormouse is famous for its lethargy that lasts from late autumn, towards November, until April, without any interruption. Hibernation represents a very effective energy saving strategy; no coincidence that a dormouse can survive even up to 10 years of age. It is also a critical period: many animals, in fact, can die because they are defenseless from predators, from the cold, from dehydration or from diseases if they cannot find a safe refuge, well sheltered and with the right humidity.
The dormouse, like the squirrel, has a long tail but differs from the latter in the grayish color of the hair and above all for the unmistakable round nose, small ears and without tufts of hair.

It is a climbing animal that runs very quickly; these abilities allow him to colonize rocky walls and to easily enter the huts where he causes innumerable damages. It feeds on everything it finds, and being a vegetarian animal, it feeds on fruit, hazelnuts, walnuts and acorns. It can also cause damage to the woods, because he has the habit of barking trees with ring cuts, on which he spends a lot of time, although it is risky for him, because it is easy prey for birds of prey. It builds nests with moss and other plants and gives birth to 2 to 7 babies once a year.

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