Serranella Lake Regional Nature Reserve - Abruzzo

Serranella Lake Regional Nature Reserve - Abruzzo

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Guided Regional Nature Reserve; established with L.R. May 9, 1990 n. 68; WWF Italy oasis since 1987.
Region: Abruzzo
Province: Chieti

The Serranella Lake Nature Reserve, extended 300 hectares plus 200 hectares of respect, represents one of the last wetlands of Abruzzo and extends between the Adriatic coast and the Majella massif at about 90 meters above sea level, in the municipalities of Altino, Casoli and S. Eusanio del Sangro and affects the Sangro river in its plain stretch.

Regional Nature Reserve Guided Lake Serranella (photo


Between the Majella and the sea, Serranella lake is a humid area created by man on the Sangro river. The banks of the basin, colonized by thick reeds with the presence of four species of typhus, host a large community of birds, including teal, pochard, shoveler, pintail, gray and red heron, egret, great egret, spatula, pinkie , crane and black stork. There are also birds of prey such as the marsh harrier, osprey and red kite. Riparian vegetation includes English oak, black alder, willows and poplars.

Regional Nature Reserve Guided Lake Serranella (photo

Information for the visit

Municipality of SantEusanio del Sangro - WWF
Location Brecciaio, 2
66037 SantEusanio del Sangro (CH)
Tel. 0872 50357

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