Giovetto di Paline Regional Nature Reserve - Lombardy

Giovetto di Paline Regional Nature Reserve - Lombardy

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Type: Partial Regional Biogenetic Nature Reserve; established with L.R. 11/30/83 n. 86.
Lombardy region
Provinces: Bergamo, Brescia

The Boschi del Giovetto di Paline Regional Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​about 675 hectares, occupied by mountain forests and alpine meadows, in the municipalities of Azzone (BG) and Borno (BS), in the Val di Scalve.

Hut and anthill in the Boschi del Giovetto di Paline Reserve (photo


The reserve extends over a large portion of mountain territory straddling the ridge which, in an E / W direction, descends from the horns of S. Fermo (2329 m) up to 1273 m of the Giovetto pass. costone is the natural boundary line between the province of Bergamo and the province of Brescia and between the municipal area of ​​Borno and that of Azzone. The Brescia side is mainly exposed to the south (solivo side), with altitudes between 1100 m and 1950 m, while the Bergamo side is N / NW (vague side) with altitudes between 1000 m and 1950 m. Beech is the most widespread plant at lower altitudes, while ascending, fir and larch dominate. These forests are home to numerous populations of ants, especially Formica lugubris, which have proven to be very effective against processionary infestations. Around the nests (which can accommodate up to 500,000 individuals), ants clean and vivify the soil up to a radius of 100 meters. Four equipped itineraries allow you to explore the attractions of the Reserve in peace, with particular regard to the forest landscape, the care of the woods and the old charcoal burners.
From a geological point of view, the predominant lithology of the Nature Reserve is made up of Triassic formations represented by splintered argillites and, subordinately, by well-stratified marly limestone sequences. There are also arenas, siltstones and massive limestones.
The lithology of the rocky substrate is accompanied by extensive and often powerful surface deposits of various kinds, glacial and fluvio-glacial, as well as slope deposits.

Information for the visit

How to get there:
- By car: along the SS 42 between Darfo and Breno, take the Cividate Camuno exit, heading towards Breno. After 1.5 km, turn at the junction for Borno, continuing for 10 km. Beyond the town of Borno, continue for about 6 km towards Paline - Parco del Giovetto.

Regional Forestry Company
Direction of the Boschi del Giovetto di Palline Nature Reserve
Tassara square
25043 Breno (BS)
Tel. 02 67404347

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