Montedimezzo State Natural Reserve - Molise

Montedimezzo State Natural Reserve - Molise

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Oriented Nature Reserve; established with D.D.M.M. 11 September 1971, 29 March 1972 and 23 December 1977.
Region: Molise
Province: Isernia

The Montedimezzo State Oriented Biogenetic Nature Reserve covers a forest area of ​​291 hectares in the Municipality of Vastogirardi.

Montedimezzo State Oriented Biogenetic Nature Reserve (photo


In addition to being a State Oriented Nature Reserve, it constitutes, together with the nearby nucleus of Collemeluccio, one of the Biosphere Reserves, precisely called MaB (Man and Biospher) and established by UNESCO together with four others in Italy (Circeo Park in Lazio, Area of ​​the Somma Vesuvio and Miglio dOro, Cilento Park and Vallo di Diano in Campania and Miramare Park in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which is a marine biogenetic reserve).
Its vegetation is arboreal and mainly consists of Turkey oak and beech: the first predominates at lower altitudes characterized by dry periods; the beech is present at altitudes above 1,000 meters. The arboreal species of the cerreta are the perastro, the wild apple tree, the torn country, the torn mountain. At higher altitudes the beech forest gives way to the prairies of the summit.
The Bosco di Montedimezzo in the past constituted, with the neighboring nucleuses Feudozzo and Pennataro, a single forest complex; the ownership of this fiefdom, of the Angevins until 1606, then of the Carthusian Monks until 1799, became a royal patrimony of the Bourbons and declared a Royal Hunting Reserve in 1825. Today the Reserve is administered by the Ex State Agency for State Forests, with headquarters in Isernia, and managed in collaboration with the Forestry Station Command of Montedimezzo.

Information for the visit

How to get there:
- By train: from Isernia which is 35 km away you can reach the reserve by train getting off at S. Pietro Avellana station (45 min.);
- By car: along the fast road Trignina, then the SS 86 Istonia crossroads Carovilli San Pietro Avellana and 12 km on the Carovillense road that connects Carovilli San Pietro Avellana; from Castel di Sangro (AQ), which is 25 km from the reserve, for the SS Sangritana up to the crossroads of San Pietro Avellana going up to the Masserie di Cristo you arrive at the town of San Pietro Avellana and then continuing for another 5 km.


Former state company for state forests
Via Bellini 8/10
86170 Isernia

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