Regional Natural Park Gutturu Mannu - Sardinia

Regional Natural Park Gutturu Mannu - Sardinia

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; in the process of being established
Region: Sardinia
Province: Cagliari

The Gutturu Mannu Regional Natural Park covers a large area in the territories of the municipalities of Assemini, Pula, Santadi, Sarroch, Siliqua, Uta and Villa San Pietro (CA).

Regional Natural Park Gutturu Mannu (photo


In the territory delimited by the Framework Law ((L.R.n.31 / 1989)) there is one of the oldest and most extensive forests in the Mediterranean basin. It is about 35,000 hectares of plant cover seamlessly (wood, scrub-forest, high scrub), where endemic species among the most representative of Sardinian fauna live such as: the deer, the goshawk, the wild cat, the geotriton. The proposed bill provides for the construction of a less extensive park (about 22,000 hectares) on which there are 3 oases of wildlife protection established by the Councilor for Environmental Protection, called "Gutturu Mannu" of 5,454 hectares, "Piscina Manna - Is Cannoneris "of 7,199 hectares and" Pantaleo "of 1,600 hectares, for a total of 14,253 hectares. Further information

Rio Gutturu Mannu - Gutturu Mannu Regional Natural Park (photo

Information for the visit

Park in the process of being established



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