Capo Rama Regional Nature Reserve - Sicily

Capo Rama Regional Nature Reserve - Sicily

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Oriented Regional Nature Reserve established with D.A.R.T.A. of June 23, 2000 n. 274/44
Region: Sicily
Province: Palermo

The Capo Rama Regional Nature Reserve protects the promontory and the surrounding coastal areas, for a total extension of 22.08 hectares, in the Municipality of Terrasini (PA).

Capo Rama Reserve (photo G. Viviano WWF Archive


The reserve stands on a high carbonate cliff of extraordinary geological interest and is enclosed to the south by Mount Palmeto and to the north by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The coast, high and jagged, full of inlets and promontories, has numerous caves shaped over time by the fury of the waves.
The Reserve is characterized by a natural, shrubby and herbaceous vegetation, consisting of species adapted to the particular conditions of insolation and aridity. The cliff is colonized by halophilous plant associations. On the plateau that develops close to the coast line, the scrub in Palma dwarf dominates. The maquis is also formed by specimens of olive, mastic, female camedrion, Sicilian tea (Prasium majus) and various species of asparagus. In the innermost areas, the association with olive, Euforbia fruticosa, dwarf palm, ephedra, wild asparagus, thorny oak prevails.
The fauna is typical of the maquis and rocky coasts, rich in birdlife: in the thicket of the maquis nest and hatch nest, while the cliffs are occupied by herring gull, kestrel, solitary sparrow, peregrine falcon. In spring and autumn, migratory birdlife can be seen on the cliff: gray herons, egrets, cormorants.

Capo Rama Reserve (photo

Information for the visit

WWF Italy
Via delle Rimembranze, 18
90049 Terrasini (PA)

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