Zuccaia State Natural Reserve - Tuscany

Zuccaia State Natural Reserve - Tuscany

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Biogenetic Nature Reserve; established with D.M.A.F. July 13, 1977.
Tuscany region
Province: Arezzo

The Zuccaia State Natural Reserve covers an area of ​​33.53 hectares on the Casentino hills covered by chestnut and mixed woods, in the Municipality of Chiusi della Verna (AR).

Santuario della Verna - Cloister and precipice (


The Zuccaia Nature Reserve is located at about 800 meters above sea level, in the Alpe di Catenaia.

Information for the visit

State Forestry Corps
Via Tiberina, 56
52036 Pieve Santo Stefano (AR)

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