Breeds of chickens: Merlerault

Breeds of chickens: Merlerault

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

French breed originating in Normandy (Merlerault and surroundings).
It is considered a subrace of the Crevecoeur but without a beard or favorites. Much appreciated for the fine meat. Little bred.
Good laying hen (white-shelled eggs, about 200 per year) but with poor hatching attitude.
There is also the variety Nana.

Morphological characteristics

Unique variety, black with greenish reflections.
Simple cornet crest. Tuft of feathers on the head.
White mumps.
Paws with 4 toes.

Medium weight:
- Gauls 3.0 kg
- Hens 2.0 kg

Gallo Merlerault (photo

4 months old cockerel of Merlerault breed (photo

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