Chicken breeds: Sumatra Nana

Chicken breeds: Sumatra Nana

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Dwarf version of the ancient race of the Sunda Islands. Shell color: white or ivory.

Morphological characteristics

Dwarf chicken reminiscent of the pheasant, with a fine shape and with a tendency towards the fighter; medium-high habit; abundant plumage and with a long enough tail with hard feathers.
Medium weight:
- Gauls 1.0 kg
- 0.8 kg hens

Sumatra Nana (photo

Breed standard - FIAV


Dwarf version of the ancient race of the Sunda Islands.

Minimum weight g.30
Shell color: white or ivory.

Rooster: 13
Hen: 11

Dwarf chicken reminiscent of the pheasant, with a fine shape and with a tendency towards the fighter; medium-high habit; plentiful plumage and with a long enough tail with hard feathers and as wide as possible.

General appearance and characteristics of the breed
Trunk: elongated; cylindrical.
Head: small; wide forehead and slightly prominent eyebrows.
Beak: short and powerful; black.
Eyes: brown iris as dark as possible, without however going to black.
Crest: pea crest; small and well implanted; blackish shades. Darker in the hen.
Bargigli: very short; ideal if newly developed; dark red to blackish; they leave the bare throat visible.
Face: blackish, with small and fine feathers. Darker in the hen. In the colors Selvatica and Nera Oro it is tolerated more reddish.
Mumps: poorly developed ends; dark red to blackish.
Neck: of medium length; richly feathered; carried vertical with very wide lanceolate.
Shoulders: a little prominent.
Back: medium length; slightly inclined. Fairly long croup with abundant and wide lanceolate.
Wings: closed, tightly closed to the body and high flow rates.
Tail: very rich in feathers, horizontal range, but without rubbing the ground; long sickles with hard rachis and beards as wide as possible that curve only after the second half of the tail; abundant coverts. In the hen that is as narrow and as long as possible, it can be carried horizontally with wide plumage.
Chest: wide and slightly raised.
Legs: legs of medium length and powerful. Medium length tarsi; fine flakes; olive color up to green black, with yellowish sole of the foot; multiple spurs; the presence of spurs in the hen allowed. Medium-length fingers.
Belly: poorly developed.

ROOSTER: Kg. 1,0
HEN: Kg. 0,8

Serious defects:
Body too short, narrow or coarse; overly long trailing tail; too soft or weak plumage; light red face; clear tarsi; sole of the foot white or pink.

Conformation: wide and long; plumage of the rigid body.


Deep black with strong scarab green reflections.
Serious defects: absence of green reflections.

Intense black background color with strong scarab green reflections. In the rooster red cape or some red lanceolate. More or less red on the small coverts of the wings and back. In the hen head and cape with red mixed and visible. A little red in the breast plumage is tolerated. Pure black coat.
Serious defects: absence of green reflections.

Blackish brown head. Cape and brown-red croup with black flames. Shoulders, small wing coverts and dark red-brown back. Primary black remiges. Black secondary remiges with brown outer edge that forms the wing triangle. Wing bands and black tail with green reflections. Chest, belly and black legs.
Plumage of the head almost black. Blackish cape with narrow brown-red edging. Plumage of the brown coat with light rachis, black feather border and very thick green reflections with black peppering. Salmon breast up to chestnut brown. Gray-black belly and legs. Black helmsman.
Serious defects: strongly incorrect color; absence of the wing triangle in the cock.

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