Typical Italian cheeses: Bettelmatt from Valdossola

Typical Italian cheeses: Bettelmatt from Valdossola

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Bettelmatt della Valdossola - Origins and production area

The name of this cheese seems to derive from Alpe Bettelmatt, located in the municipality of Formazza, in the province of Novara. The production area is limited to the Alpe of the same name (at about 2,100 meters above sea level, on the border with Switzerland) and to all the Formazza Alps and, to a lesser extent, the Antigorio Valley. In these areas the vegetation is rich in grass, the morning, which gives the Bettelmatt the yellowish color that characterizes it (once this cheese was also called Mottolina).

Bettelmatt cheese from Valdossola (photo

Bettelmatt cheese from Valdossola (photo

Bettelmatt della Valdossola - Characteristics and production phases

The processing technology is similar to that of fontina: raw milk is brought to 32-35 ° C and natural liquid rennet is added. In thirty minutes coagulation occurs.
After breaking the curd, the mass is deposited in the molds and lightly pressed. Sometimes it is subjected to short stewing at about 22 degrees to favor the development of the eye. Salting can take place in brine or dry.
It is aged for 40-60 days to a year in an environment with a temperature of 10 ° C.
The forms of Bettelmatt are cylindrical, with a diameter even greater than 50 cm and height up to 9 cm. The rind is often reddish, the buttery paste, sometimes with significant holes, straw yellow in color.

Bettelmatt della Valdossola - Gastronomy and recommended wines

The recommended wines for matching are Gattinara, Ghemme, Velletri red.

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