Typical Italian cold cuts: priest's hat

Typical Italian cold cuts: priest's hat

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Priest's hat

Area of ​​origin: Province of Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna)

It takes its name from the shape that precisely recalls the hats that priests used to wear at the end of the nineteenth century; it is prepared with the same dough as Modena Cotechino. In the past it was used to prepare it with the remains of the culatello and fiocchetto processing, coming from the thigh, while today other thin cuts are also used. Rinds, cuttings and fat are also added. The dressing consists of salt, pepper, garlic and white wine. The dough is then placed in the rind above the paw joint. It is cooked like the best known cotechini and zamponi (boiled) and is accompanied with abundant mashed potatoes.

Priest's hat (photo

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