Cattle breeds: Brown Switzerland

Cattle breeds: Brown Switzerland

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Origin and diffusion area

The area of ​​origin is Switzerland, in particular the canton of Schwyz, where it is called Braunvieh (international name Brown Swiss or Brown Mountain).
It derives from the Bos taurus longifrons. The first news of breeding brown cattle occurs around the year 1000 AD. The indigenous brown population was formed through natural selection made by difficult mountain conditions and by man-made ones. The first to select it were the monks of the Einsiedeln Abbey in the Canton of Schwyz, as early as 942. The coat and characteristics of the animals were different according to the breeding areas (red, black, piebald). After 1700, mainly by the monks, the breed improved and the uniformity of the coat became brown. Today, cloaks with bands are rare. In 1800 a particular care of the morphology begins and also the exportation to other countries. The breed association was created in 1897.
It is the second breed in Switzerland (especially in the eastern area) after Simmental. The Swiss Brown breed has contributed to the formation of brown cows in many countries (all continents) thanks to the qualities of physical resistance, productivity and adaptability to different environments. Among the derived brown breeds we mention the Italian, German, Austrian, French Brown.

Morphological characteristics

The coat is of a more or less light uniform brown color (gray-brown), never burnt brown.
The calves are gray in the first 2-3 months. Pigmented muzzle and skin (black). White halo around the muzzle.
Short horns, clear and with black tip.
Beautiful, harmonious, correct animals, accustomed to grazing in difficult and poor soils.

Productive characteristics

Historically dual-purpose animal with slight prevalence for milk. Since 1967 limited and controlled use of Brown Swiss from North America for dairy products. Very rustic breed suitable for using very difficult pastures.
Average production per head of the controlled cows 5,200 kg fat 3.89% protein 3.31% - 1988 data, but it must be remembered that more than half of the controlled cows were reared in the mountains. The average production of those in the plains was 6,180 kg.
Fair performances as meat production.

Brown Swiss breed cow

Swiss brown bull

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