Cattle breeds: Valdostana Pezzata Rossa

Cattle breeds: Valdostana Pezzata Rossa

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Origin and diffusion area

The Valdostana breed is the autochthonous breed of the Aosta Valley, an Italian region where almost all of its heads are bred (85%). There are 3 breeds of Valdostana that differ in their morphological characteristics, coat, milk and meat production and temperament. These breeds are: the Pezzata Rossa Valdostana, the Pezzata Nera Valdostana and the Castana. For the subjects of these breeds there are 2 Genealogical Books; in one only subjects of the Valle d'Aosta Pezzata Rossa race are registered and in the other both subjects of the Valle d'Aosta Pezzata Nera race and those of the Castana race.
The Valdostana Pezzata Rossa is one of the few indigenous Italian breeds with a strong milk attitude that stands out for its good meat production and robustness. It derives, like Simmental, from spotted cattle from Northern Europe introduced to Italy by the Burgundians towards the end of the fifth century. Later these populations adapted to the particular environmental conditions. Most of the specimens present in Italy are concentrated in the Aosta Valley. In 1937 the National Association of Cattle Breeders of the Valle d'Aosta A.N.A. was founded Bo.Ra.Va.
It is one of 11 breeds belonging to the European Federation of Alpine System breeds (Abondance-France; Grigio Alpina-Italy; Herens-Switzerland; Hinterwälder-Germany; Pinzgauer-Austria; Rendena-Italy; Tarentaise-France; Tiroler Grauvieh-Austria; Valdostana-Italy; Vordelwälder-Germany; Vosgienne-France).

Morphological characteristics

The coat is bright red (intense and dark), tending towards violet.
Usually white ventral limbs and regions.
White head with red ears; rarely red spots on the head.
Rosy muzzle. Short horns, waxy yellow in color like claws.
Harmonic animals. Small size and stature.

Productive characteristics

It is a dual-purpose breed with a prevalence of milk.
Breed perfectly adapted to the difficult breeding environment (pasture even at over 2,500 m altitude).
The breed is characterized by its high motor capacity for movement, for grazing even in low-productivity areas and for resistance to pathologies.
Website of the National Association of Cattle Breeders of the Valle d'Aosta breed:

Heifer of the Valdostana Pezzata Rossa breed

Bull of the Valle d'Aosta Pezzata Rossa breed

Spotted red Aosta Valley grazing

Video: Mostra provinciale bovina della razza pezzata rossa valdostana a Ivrea (July 2022).


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