Cattle breeds: Jersey

Cattle breeds: Jersey

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Origin and diffusion area

Originally from the island of the same name in the English Channel, in the bay of Saint Malo 7 km from the French coast. Until about 8,500 years ago Jersey was not an island but a group of hills on the French mainland. It derives from the Bos Longifrons and its formation has contributed Breton and Norman cattle. From the second half of the XIIX century the imports of live cattle are prevented and this has allowed to fix well the characters and to contain the diseases.
Exports began in the 1700s. The total number of Jersey breed animals today is around 8 million spread on all continents.

Morphological characteristics

The coat is fromentino color, from dark brown to light yellow and often with areas of white hair on the sides and belly. The tail bow is black. Often black hair on the head.
White halo around the black muzzle.
Small in size, it is among the smallest breeds of cattle:
- females: 125 cm; 350-400 kg
- males: 130 cm; 450-600 kg
Very angular animal, with flat or concave profiles.
Small head with very prominent supraorbital arches, thin neck. Triangular trunk.
Very fine skin; fine skeleton. Thin limbs but strong ligaments.
Excellent milk characters.

Productive characteristics

Excellent milk capacity, quantitative and qualitative, for fat and protein content.
Very poor aptitude for meat.
Adaptable to the most varied climatic conditions.
Very early as a somatic and sexual development (very early first birth).
Very long-lived and has no problems with childbirth.
As the composition of milk, it is the best breed ever. Jersey milk, however, is not suitable for cheese making due to the size of the fat globules (excellent for butter).

Jersey breed cow

Jersey bull

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