Pig breeds: Moura pig

Pig breeds: Moura pig

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

Area of ​​origin: Brazil.

Moura is the name of a pig breed originating in Paranà: according to Prof. Marson Bruck Warpechowski of the UFPR, its origin is probably due to the crossbreeding with pigs imported from the Spanish between 1500 and 1800, when in Paranà it began to be practiced the selection of cattle for the strengthening of some breeds.
Moura pigs were part of the pasture system, practiced until the beginning of the 1900s, which went from Rio Grande do Sul to the Curitiba region: the fattening of animals based on pine nuts and butià took place along the mountain path; followed by the preparation of the meats, which once smoked, seasoned and stuffed, were ready for sale in São Paulo and Minas Gerais.
Subsequently, again according to Marson Bruck Warpechowski, this pig breed prevailed in Paranà as one of the staple foods in the faxinais.
The Moura breed is excellent for meat production, since compared to the others it is redder and has a more marked flavor. The fat, from which the lard used in the typical dishes of the region is obtained, has a particular marbling.

Morphological characteristics

Since the breed has a common ancestor with the Iberian black pig, the breed has a good level of marbling of fats in the meat - a quality superior to the breeds specializing in the production of meat - in addition to the more red meat and with a more marked flavor, used for the production of numerous products, including raw pork ham. The animals of the breed have a slower growth than the more productive breeds. Adults can weigh more than 180 kg.

Moura pig (Photo: Felipe Soifer / Acervo Pessoal

Moura pig (photo Gazeta or Povo

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