Best fruit trees to grow in orange county

Best fruit trees to grow in orange county

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Best fruit trees to grow in orange county

Several things have played a part in the Orange County Chapter’s retreat format: the aftermath of the ‘80s and ‘90s, now is a time to retrench for the 21st century. Our second conference is going well, and with so many teams at the table, each person can’t be a leader. So we’ve designed a team-based format to discuss a variety of topics and impart the most pertinent information to each other in the smallest group of people possible.

And one of the primary discussions this year has been about fruit trees, Orange County and sustainable living. There’s a group of people committed to this conversation, and they are as enthusiastic and informed as can be. Our conversations are close, enlightening and have made this a great time for the OCLCA, and one that could have great fruit.

What we cover here on the forum is directly applicable to the gardening world in general. Any fruit tree recommendations are made as a group effort and based on personal experiences with each type of tree and individual garden. Growers are more than welcome to share their own fruit tree recommendations in the comments below.

Help us and each other grow these trees, all while saving water, using less space, reducing our carbon footprint and using fewer resources.

The Orange County chapter is strongly advising against lemonade and orchards for us right now. The drought conditions are not optimal for heavy irrigation, citrus pruning or any citrus. Save your money for a good nursery and the superior trees they provide. Don’t buy these junk trees that sprout and die within a year. They are expensive to buy and maintain. Don’t get frustrated and keep asking if we can grow lemons and tangelos. The answer is: No. It’s time to retreat from that ridiculous hobby