Ricoh gr ii landscape photography

Ricoh gr ii landscape photography

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Ricoh gr ii landscape photography

Ricoh gr ii landscape photography

A Ricoh GR II or GR2 is a consumer digital camera designed and produced by Ricoh, Inc. The camera can take up to 5 consecutive high-resolution images or one HD (High Definition) video. Like its predecessor the GR, the GR II features the same image sensor as the more professional models that Ricoh markets, but with fewer features. The Ricoh GR II, in all its variations, is not a ruggedized or waterproof camera as its predecessor.

The camera uses the same 28-mm wide-angle lens as the predecessor model but it has also included a 50-mm macro lens in a "truLux" body made by Carl Zeiss. An optical zoom is included in the original model for which the lens is not changeable. Like all the Ricoh digital cameras, the Ricoh GR II is capable of a long list of advanced features. This list is as follows:

Automatic setting exposure, white balance and ISO. The GR II has a built-in flash for lighting subject close to the lens, and the optional hot shoe or the proprietary RICOH FLASH hot-shoe allows the camera to fire this flash. A new feature for this model is an auto mode called "Lumens" (light meters). This allows users to set different exposures based on how the light is received. This is a feature that is found on higher-end DSLR cameras.

The new version of the Ricoh GR II also includes a large LCD display screen that is larger than its predecessor. The new Ricoh GR II LCD also has more viewing options than previous versions, such as an all-digital zoom feature. The viewfinder for the Ricoh GR II is the same as its predecessor, but it is not detachable. A user can use either a direct live-view (viewing the image on the LCD), optical viewfinder, or a combination of the two.The camera also has a few new image settings compared to its predecessor. This includes Face Recognition, a feature that allows users to configure the camera according to their subject. Users can also choose to shoot in a 3-2-1-1 auto flash sequence. The GR II also has a new feature called "High Sensitivity". This allows the camera to take pictures under low-light conditions.



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