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Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 Eco LED Grow Light

HLG discount code JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This offer is not available through any other retailers. They've made LEDs that are extremely thin, simple yet powerful. These are literally like a no-frills LED.

Now, all the products in this video are going to be linked in the description below. And please ask questions give us advice and subscribe, for the love of God, please subscribe. So, let me tell you a little story that not many people know about HLG. Chip-on-board for those of you not familiar. Now, these chip-on-board LEDs they are a little less expensive, but they also kind of hit the level of max efficiency.

And when this like came out, I think it was aroundit really, like I said, earlier, revolutionized LED industry.The LED was a super thin and it really didn't have any of the extra parts necessary that a lot of these other companies put on that honestly raised the cost and sometimes even made them less efficient.

So, now we're getting to today. HLG is in the quantum board style is probably the biggest growing form factor of LED for grow lights out there. And there's a lot of Chinese knock-offs, to be honest, a lot of them have called themselves quantum boards, even though the quantum board is something that was developed by HLG and they've just been following the same form factor.

What people kind of have to watch out for is, a lot of times they're not using the LEDs, at the same standard as HLG is. Another thing you really have to watch out for is a lot of these other companies don't have safety ratings, like an ETL or UL listing. Now, is that important for everyone? Not necessarily. If you're a commercial grower, it's basically mandatory 'cause what these ETL and UL really mean is a piece of equipment, electronics are designed to fail safely.

Okay, so if you're growing in a professional manner or honestly, you don't want your house to catch on fire, you want a small likelihood of that.

A lot of customers have been asking us: What is the difference between Horticultural Lighting Group LEDs and these ones that look honestly exactly just like them? And honestly, in many cases, the specifications look identical. They try to use the best componentry possible, and they're very honest and upfront about how efficient their light is. Let's dive into that a little bit more.

HLG uses a very high-performance driver that is, honestly, a little bit more expensive, and it's known to last longer. Yes, they're both BMWs but one is 30 grand and the other one is grand. And that's an important distinction when you're putting a pretty big investment into a LED grow light. Another distinction that's really, really important that I wanna put out there is LED efficiency.

And first, let's go over some terms. So usually this numbers between 1. Now, Light Laboratory Inc. So the HLG came out at about 2. Now, that is a really high That is, honestly, today probably one of the most efficient lights out there. The HLG V2 quantum board is a large, white spectrum, modern design LED grow light that effectively covers a 4 foot by 4 foot grow space.

There are several models of the HLG so look out for the model that suits your needs best. The boards are placed on a larger aluminum panel with a dimmable Meanwell driver on the opposite side. Since the introduction of the HLG to the grow light market, Horticulture Lighting Group has expanded the series lineup with some slightly different variations of the original HLG seen at the top of the article. The R-Spec is a design upgrade of the k HLG V2, which is now discontinued, although there may be a few k models left for sale online.

The spectrum is k whereas the HLG V2 is offered at k. HLG also swapped in 64 Osram nm deep red diodes, spread out evenly among the four circuit boards. These diodes increase the electrical efficiency and the overall light spectrum.

The extra red intensity also contributes to faster growth. As you can tell by the color, this light is geared for growers maintaining mother plants, seedlings, or clones. The specifications are the same as the other two HLG v2 variants, except for the adjustment for extra blue light and less red.

As you can see in the image above, the HLG BSpec is heavy on blue wavelengths from nmnm, and lacks red wavelengths above nm.

The main money saving difference is the shorter warranty period. The other important factors like light intensity and spectrum are more or less the same. The Eco variant has two spectrum options — K or K.

While you can technically grow from seed to harvest with either option, some retailers recommend only using the K option for veg, and the K for all phases.Lower Kelvin temperatures contain more red light which is better for flowering, while higher kelvin temperatures contain more blue which is better for vegetative growth. Everything else about the HLG Eco variant is the same as the other variants.

It consumes watts, is similarly power efficient, and emits a similar amount of light intensity. I have to admit, the Eco version would now be my first choice if I were considering an HLG grow light for 4x4 feet of space. One of the biggest differences with the quantum board led grow light design is the light color.

I suppose it depends which grow light models you compare, but I compared the HLG quantum board LED grow light to 3 very popular non-quantum LED grow lights and the power consumption is almost exactly the same. The kelvin spectrum offered on the Eco variant. This spectrum is heavy on red wavelengths and only recommended for flowering. The R-Spec variant features a kelvin spectrum which is balanced for full cycle growth. The kelvin spectrum is offered on the Eco and only recommended for seedlings and vegetative phase growth.

The B-Spec comes with a different kelvin spectrum also recommended only for seedlings and vegetative phase growth. Studies have shown that white light spectrum yellow, orange and green wavelengths added to red and blue wavelengths are more beneficial than purple or blurple light spectrums. This would explain recent the shift of more sophisticated growers to high quality white spectrum grow lights like the HLG grow lights.

Inside a grow tent you can get 4 x 4 feet covered comfortably due to the reflection increasing the PPFD. HLG decided to build their own LED boards to utilize a white light technology with a full-color spectrum.

In this HLG review, we will take a look at the guts of the light, go over the parts included in this fixture. Also, what features it has and how it compares it to other alternatives of LED grow lights out there in the industry.

Or are alarmed at how much your electricity bill is and are considering going back to HPS or metal halide. You are starting to grow and are concern over bulbs exploding or fire caused by heat especially in a tent.

Check out the HLG today on Amazon! You could realistically get a cheap HPS or Metal Halide also to replace your inexpensive LED and get the same watts from the wall and have better quality herb.

This light is bright you will want to wear some grow glasses when you power it on! The HLG is currently one of the most efficient led grow lights on the market currently coming in at 2. I have been wanting to grow with the HLG for some time.

There were some bumps along the way, but I got them worked out. Some of them were self-induced like deciding to grow 6 different strains. The others were more about getting used to how the to grow with the light and the environmental factors and nutrient requirements.

I started all all strains from seed. After they sprouted they are placed in 3 inch rockwool cubes been transplanted into 3 gallon pots with straight Coco coir. The growth was pretty decent for the seedlings on their second week as well. I did notice some leaf curling, so lowered the light and turned down the power by half. At 4 weeks I turned it up full blast and raised the light, this appeared to helped them get some faster growth.

After about 4 weeks notice some cal mag deficiency on some lower leave and also interveinal yellowing, so definitely low on magnesium. RO water for flush. Because I wanted to maximize my yield so we had to extend the veg cycle another an extra couple weeks until the plants bounce back. Then switched to flower stage so they can start to stretch. We had to raise some plants up due to the fact that we are growing all different strains and each one of them was at a different height.

We did a light Leaf strip at the end of week 2. Then by the end of week 3 it all grew back so we did another late leaf strip.At 6 weeks of flower the buds were nice and stacking really good all strains seem to be liking the light. Leading up to the 9th week I did not have any yo-yos to hold up the buds and I failed to put in a scrog net or two to give them support. I had to MacGyver some colas with any means necessary. The buds were nice a tight, and stacked up nicely.

Read my HLG review and find out how this quantum board can replace a w HPS and give you better yield and quality with half the watts. LED lighting is evolving and getting better all the time. I have been growing with LEDs for about 5 years. I started out with a Platinum and it was pretty powerful. It was predominantly red and blue or a blurple light. Worked pretty good but had its issues with bleaching and bud size because plants evolved under white light not blue and red.

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Horticulture Lighting Group HLG V2 Quantum Board QB (DIY) The HLG V2 Board Full Spectrum nm | Diy Led Grow Light Kits | Grow Light.

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Finding the highest yielding LED grow light for your indoor garden can be quite a tricky task, and that is why we have this post for you where you will find all the right answers! In order look for the best LED grow light that will best suit your purpose, it important that you are aware of some of the main features including the power outage, size, footprint, applicability, cooling mechanisms, waterproof or fireproof attributes, and so on.Furthermore, it is also essential that you know the average lifetime of the LED light that you are using to know if you are paying the right price for the service you will be receiving over the years. So, keep reading further as we have listed down some of the most high-quality LED grow light for you to pick from that will be perfect for your favorite harvests! Our list of the highest yielding LED grow lights contains it at the first position for standard design and features with enormous performance. You must like another grand feature of this product that you can use it without any assembling process. Just open the box, plug, and play the light into the tent of plants.

【セール】リブロングレインブーツ(レインシューズ) レインシューズ|UNISA(ユニサ)のファッション

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A few words about us: how can you benefit from online coupon codes?

Mimosa - Medical Dispensary Bag Seed. Initial impressions of the light on unboxing is quality. The next hashish vegetation had been grown below an HLG LED develop gentle, which seems to be a bit totally different from the present mannequin pictured above. I attribute that to the quantum boards and there minimal heat output. Sorry I had all the fans on so you can't really hear what I was saying.

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15% off · NextLight · Horticulture Lighting Group HLG and HLG (discount already reflected in list price) · Kind LED (K5 series) · Spectrum King (excludes.

Trying to make it passive at night and ac in the day. I run lights at night if I can. Hooked up potentiometer last night to help girls adjust. I am getting a little leaf curl from too much light.


Get some of the most efficient LED Grow lights on the market! No discount code is needed. Offer: Discount automatically reflected in the listed price. No coupon code is needed. Now is the time to treat your plants to new lights. Offer: Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Horticultural Lighting Group's ECO model offers the highest output and efficiency you can get for your money.

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