AIFAO - Italian Amateurs Aquatic and Ornamental Pheasants

AIFAO - Italian Amateurs Aquatic and Ornamental Pheasants

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A.I.F.A.O - Italian Pheasant, Aquatic, Ornamental Amateurs

For study, breeding and protection.
Twenty-one years ago, by the will of some passionate breeders, the A.I.F.A.O.was born. Non-profit, non-political and non-profit association that aimed to protect more or less rare species of birds in compliance with current laws, through the study and multiplication, promoting the exchange of experiences and animals among the members and spreading the passion for healthy and recreational agriculture.
Today despite the difficulties that our association has had to face, we are proud to say that it is also thanks to A.I.F.A.O. if many wild species can be considered no longer in danger of extinction.
We are present in many Italian regions through our delegates. In addition to assistance, members receive a quarterly newsletter with legislative updates, breeding techniques, health problems and more. The association is able to provide, upon booking, immovable rings for the marking of the bred subjects.
Breeding means loving and it is love for animals that has allowed us to cultivate this healthy passion to this day.

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To receive further information regarding the activities of AIFAO, visit the AIFAO website

A.I.F.A.O - Italian Pheasant, Aquatic, Ornamental Amateurs

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