Breeds of canaries: Spanish Humpback

Breeds of canaries: Spanish Humpback

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Cut it:
17 cm - Points 10.

The shape of 1 with neck and head that must form an angle from 45 ° to 60 ° with the trunk - Points 10.

Very long, smooth and leaning down - 20 points.

Lower limbs:
Very long and rigid. Legs slightly inclined towards the back, especially deplored at the front - 10 points.

Poor, such as to show the totally naked sternum (keel). Smooth abdomen - Points 10.

Wings and epaulettes:
Long, uniform wings, well fitting to the body; symmetrical straps - Points 10.

Small, snake-like and smooth - Points 5.

Proportioned to the body and close to the perch - Points 5.

Light, symmetrical, curved backwards - Points 5.

Plumage, cleanliness, liveliness - Points 5.

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