Dog breeds: Armant Egyptian Shepherd Dog

Dog breeds: Armant Egyptian Shepherd Dog

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Egypt.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

This type of dog is not very popular even in its country of origin and has an exclusively local diffusion. It originates from an area of ​​northern Egypt, from which it takes its name. This particular dog may have come from the east and may have followed an evolutionary process very similar to that of European Shepherds. Another hypothesis maintains that it is a breed created by the coupling of dogs imported from Europe in the eighteenth century with local dogs; the latter hypothesis attributes to the Egyptian Shepherd less antiquity than the previous one.

General aspect

Medium sized dog. His head is rather narrow and not too long. Medium-length skull. The stop is accentuated. The muzzle is long, well-drawn, always black, roundish, thick mustache. Always dark, medium-sized eyes, often hidden under the hair of the forehead. Trunk of strong construction, massive, compact, safe posture as befits a shepherd dog who must do a lot of exercise. Coat generally dark gray, but all shades of gray are present, up to the sand, with almost always black mask. The hair is long and quite thick. Size: approximately starting from 55.5 cm for males and 50 for females. The average figures shown come from results obtained in different measurements.


Pretty lively and jovial dog. He manages without difficulty to drive flocks of sheep, but also of larger cattle. He is a good guard dog and an exceptional hunting dog. This type of dog can be considered a triple attitude. He is very obedient and of discreet intelligence. Very fond and faithful to the owners.

Armant Egyptian Shepherd Dog (design by Federico Vinattieri


A draft Standard already exists, but has never been approved and recognized. Currently the breed is not recognized by the International Cynological Federation. Some fans of the breed hope for a future recognition.

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