Goat breeds: Florida goat

Goat breeds: Florida goat

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Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain.

The name Florida derives from the characteristic coat of the breed, which is a mottled red on a white background or vice versa, so as to resemble a flowery field.
Florida is an autochthonous breed of the lower Guadalquivir valley that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and which began to be described in 1984, following the signing of an agreement between the Provincial Council of Seville and D. José A. Sánchez Romero for the creation a herd of selection, a task in which the Department of animal production of the University of Córdoba and subsequently the Diputación de Córdoba were also involved. The origin of Florida derives from crosses between Pyrenean and Nubian goats.
The distribution area of ​​the breed was originally very small, almost exclusively the municipalities of Villaverde del Río, Brenes and La Rinconada, but since the 80s of the last century there has been a strong expansion of this breed, also in the neighboring regions, west of the Vega of the Guadalquivir and Campiña de Sevilla. It is currently present in practically all the provinces of Andalusia and Extremadura.

Morphological and productive characteristics

The coat is mottled with white on a red background or with red on a white background, totally or partially, with different shades of red. White spotted layers on a black background (starlings) are also allowed. Currently, in a detailed way and in cases of exceptional animals, uniform red coats are allowed in all their shades when they have some white hair, and those braided in red are also allowed.

- Male: 85 cm
- Female: 73 cm

Medium weight:
- Male: 100 kg
- Female: 65 kg

Aptitude: milk and meat.

Florida goat (photo

Florida goat (photo

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