Goat breeds: Mottled

Goat breeds: Mottled

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Origin and diffusion

Campana breed of uncertain origin, perhaps related to the Neapolitan Goat. Some morphological characters put it in direct relation with African goats that arrived in the Campania region in historical times. It is widespread in a point-like manner in a vast area comprising many provinces of Campania. Some garments are kept at Consdabi (Consortium for Experimentation, Dissemination and Application of Innovative Biotechnics).

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average
Medium weight:

to. Kg. 60-65
- Females to. Kg. 50-55

The coat is generally black or gray with large flecks on the sides. A white face mask may be present.
Head: relatively small with ram profile, more rarely rectilinear, provided with not very large sickle or garganic horns, much more rarely. The ears are long and hanging with apex sometimes facing outwards.
Neck: long and thin, generally equipped with tettole.
Trunk: well developed chest and abdomen. The breast is generally of the bifid or semibifid type, suitable for manual milking.
Limbs: long, solid and with perfect haunches. The nails are usually dark.

Aptitude: milk type.
It is a very rustic population; on average, the farms are composed of a few dozen subjects who graze on limited expanses of land where wooded areas or more simply bushy pastures prevail.

Beak of Mottled Breed (photo from the CONSDABI archive)

Atlas of native breeds
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This book aims to contribute to spreading and increasing awareness of the irreplaceable role played by the breeding of indigenous breeds in Italy in the maintenance of agricultural biodiversity, ecological balance, traditions, and niche economies based on typical products derived from them.
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