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This section is dedicated to domestic pigeons and the fascinating world of colombiculture. Dr. Fabio Zambon, veterinary surgeon graduated from the University of Parma and expert in colombiculture and wildlife collaborated in its realization.

Atlas of pigeons

We have collected the main breeds of Italian pigeons, sporting, shaped, carunculated, hen, gozzled, colored, drums, structured, neckties, high-flying and tumbling in an easy-to-read atlas (cards with images). Click on the menu and select the desired breed.

Information to mariners

The colombo torraiolo, also called in the past "stone", derives from the domestication of the wild pigeon (Columba Livia) occurred in past centuries, is distinguished from this by the greater variability of the coat and for its meekness and adaptability to life with man. a long selection process, over the centuries, numerous types of pigeons have been obtained, from which the current domestic breeds derive. The F.I.A.C. (Italian Colombi Breeders Federation) has as main purpose the development of the selective breeding of purebred pigeons in general and of Italian breeds in particular.
The Turtle Doves also belong to the Colombini subfamily: the main anatomical differences that make it possible to distinguish pigeons and turtle doves are the greater robustness and size of the former and the greater grace of the turtle doves.

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