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Rabbits: Fox

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Fox (Fox- Renard)

Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: SPECIAL HAIR STRUCTURE BREED CATEGORY.
Weight: 3.0 - 3.25 kg.

This breed was selected in Switzerland, crossing Angora, Chinchilla and Havana. Body shapes are strong and well rounded. The fur resembles that of the fox, is thick and has a very thick wad. The jar is particularly strong and long (5-6 cm) on the whole body, except for the head, ears and legs. The breeding of this breed is mainly of an artisan nature. It is rarely used for economic purposes (for wool) because it is less productive than Angora. Like the latter, it has poor reproductive aptitudes.
The Italian Standard admits the colors white with red or blue eyes, blue, yellow, havana, chinchilla and fairy.

Serious defects

Weak and impure coloring; thin and weak hair; strong plushing; the length of the fur is less than 4 cm and more than 7 cm; white tufts or spots in colored subjects; tufts typical of Angora.

White fox breed male rabbit (photo National Association of Italian Rabbit Breeders ANCI)

White Fox female rabbit (photo National Association of Italian Rabbit Breeders ANCI)

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