Agricultural entomology: Brown peach aphid

Agricultural entomology: Brown peach aphid

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Classification and host plants

Class: Insects
Order: Rincoti
Suborder: Homoptera
Family: Aphidids
Genus: Brachycaudus
Species: B. schwartzi (Börner)

Bibliographic reference:
Phytopathology, agricultural entomology and applied biology” – M.Ferrari, E.Marcon, A.Menta; School edagricole - RCS Libri spa

Host plants: Peach.

Identification and damage

LAfide is brownish in color with lighter nymphs; carries out a monoecious and homotope cycle on the Peach.
The damage occurs on the leaves and on the young shoots; these organs show marked crumplings, deformations and arrests or deviations of development. Also for this Aphid there is abundant honeydew production with the consequences already described. The greatest damage occurs on farmed plants. To remember also the congener Brachycaudus persicae or Aphid black of the Peach, which completes a monoecious but heterotopic cycle on Peach, attacking both the shoots and the root systems.

Biological cycle

The brown Phid exceeds winter, mainly in the egg stage, in the ravines of the rind, or as wintering females, in the natural shelters of the orchard.
At the end of winter, the activity resumes very early, giving rise to many generations, always on the Peach.

Brown peach aphid - Brachycaudus schwartzi (Börner) (photo

Brown peach aphid - Brachycaudus schwartzi (Börner) (photo

Brown peach aphid - Brachycaudus schwartzi (Börner) (photo


The fight against brown aphid is carried out with the same control methods as the green aphid, to which reference is made.

Video: Green peach aphid and aphid parasitoid wasps in canola webinar recording (May 2022).


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