Agricultural entomology: The order of the Odonates

Agricultural entomology: The order of the Odonates

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Phytopathology, agricultural entomology and applied biology” – M.Ferrari, E.Marcon, A.Menta; School edagricole - RCS Libri spa

Odonates (Dragonflies) are medium and sometimes large sized hemimetabular insects; they are characterized by a long and thin abdomen and by two large compound eyes. Nymphs and adults are voracious predators; they are equipped with a particularly robust chewing mouth apparatus, capable of catching prey both in water and in flight. They feed mainly on mosquitoes and other Diptera and other small Arthropods. Odonates are considered useful insects even if, at times, they can damage aquatic or cultivated plants as a result of oviposition wounds, as happens for the Calopteryx Leach and Lestes Leach genera.
The life cycle of Odonati takes place mainly in water; the juvenile stadiums in fact have a life that goes from a year to 3-5 years. Adults, on the other hand, have a relatively short life span of a few weeks to six months, depending on the species.

Virgin calotterice - Calopteryx virgo L. (photo

Red dragonfly or sanguine simpetro - Sympetrum sanguineum (photo

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