Horse breeds: Aztec

Horse breeds: Aztec

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Origins and attitudes

Saddle horse and light pull from Mexico. A newly created breed that replaced the now supplanted Native Mexican. The selection began in 1972, crossing Andalusian stallions with Quarter Horse and Criollo mares. The goal was to create a horse with the qualities of the Andalusian and the Quarter and the frugality of the ancient Mexican, once used for riding in the countryside and working in the countryside. Resistant horse, it is appreciated in equestrian tourism and in sports competitions (rodeos).

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Cloak: all cloaks (piebald and stained are not allowed).
Height at the withers: 150 - 158 cm.
Weight: 450 - 550 kg.
Lively, balanced and docile character.

Aztec horse (photo

Video: Aztec Stallion Chico Malo Bad Boy Mexican Dancing Horse (August 2022).