Wildlife in Italy: Driomio Dryomys nitedula

Wildlife in Italy: Driomio Dryomys nitedula

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Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Mammals
Order: Rodents
Family: Gliridae
Kind: Dryomys
Species: nitedula

The Driomio is a species with a wide Eurasian range, which extends from Germany, Italy, ex-Yugoslavia and Greece to include vast sectors of central Asia, where it is present up to the Chinese region of Tien Shan, Afghanistan and Iran.
The Italian area of ​​the species is limited to the eastern Alps and to some places in the Calabrian Apennines such as Aspromonte and Pollino, where its presence has been reported in quite recent times.

Driomio - Dryomys nitedula (photo

Driomio (photo Venconi)

Distinctive characters

Head-body length: 8-12 cm
Tail length: 7-10 cm
Weight: 17-40 grams

It has an elongated body, smaller than the dormouse and dormouse. The coat is upper gray or brownish-gray, lower white or whitish. The head has a black mask around the large protruding eyes elongated at the base of the short, clearly visible and rounded ears.
The legs are short, the hind legs longer with 5 toes and 6 plantar pads. The tail has uniformly distributed mudi-long hairs.
The male is generally bigger than the female.


Especially diurnal habits. It hibernates from October-November to April-May, in cavities of the ground, rocks, trees. It lives in various woods with undergrowth up to 2000 meters above sea level.
Feeding: insects, parts of plants, eggs and nestlings of small birds.
Sexual maturity is reached in the year following that of birth.
Mating period: from April to August. Gestation lasts 23-25 ​​days. One or two parts per year, each with 2-6 chicks.
Verses: rumblings, hisses, puffs, puffs, squeaks.
He has a very developed hearing.

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